Drake Bay, Costa Rica is unlike many places in the world. Dubbed as being one of the most biologically diverse and remote places on the planet, there is nothing short of adventure, nature and thrill here on the Osa Peninsula ( Southern Pacific side of Costa Rica ). Known for it’s abundance of wildlife, adventurous trips into the Corcovado National Rainforest, incredible whale watching, world renowned sport fishing, the best scuba diving Costa Rica has to offer at nearby Cano Island and the amazing, untouched, pristine places to explore, there are only a few ways of getting to such a place. Below are our top 5 travel tips and the most frequently asked about topics when traveling to Drake Bay, Costa Rica :

TRAVEL TIP # 1 : The best time to visit Drake Bay is during the dry season (December-April) which has reliable sunny weather with little or no rainfall. Which means, clear skies, crystal clear waters for scuba diving and snorkeling, Rio Claro floating tours, kayaking, boating, whale and dolphin watching, and sport fishing! The beginning of “green season” (April-May) is a great alternative to traveling than during “high season” as it is generally cheaper and still has beautiful weather with little rainfall in the afternoons and evenings and sometimes an evening storm. “Green Season” (April-October) is still some of Tranquilo guests’ favorite times to travel to the Osa, they love the tropical climate!

TRAVEL TIP # 2 : The best way to get to Drake Bay is by plane. Fly into San Jose’s Juan Santa Maria International Airport in Costa Rica, then take a Sansa or Nature Air flight to Drake Bay / Bahia Drake Airport. A quick and beautiful scenic flight of only 45 minutes until you arrive at adventure and untouched beauty! If you’re coming from another part of the country, or choose to take a flight to Palmar Sur, head to Sierpe (drive or taxi) and take a boat taxi for the more adventurous route to Drake Bay. There are only two pick up times per day (11 AM and 3:30PM) so arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure, let the captain know where you are going, grab a cold coconut (pipas frias) and plan accordingly. The 25 mile or 50 minute boat ride from Sierpe to Drake Bay (roughly $15-$20 pp) is adventurous! Wind through the mangrove canals, maybe catch a glimpse or two of some crocs, and make the fun and sometimes very treacherous ride into the mouth, or Boca, where the river meets the breaking waves of Drake Bay. Warning : This can be very treacherous and a white knuckle kind of ride, but also consider that the captains and locals make this ride daily to and from work and it’s just the crazy, adventurous, Costa Rican way of life! Do as the locals do, right!? The boat will most likely stop a few different times to drop passengers off at their destinations, the bay of Drake Bay usually being the last stop, which is where we, Tranquilo Lodge, pick up our guests! Listen to the destination announcement or ask the crew if it is your stop. They are great at remembering who is getting off the boat when and where!

TRAVEL TIP # 3 : There are no ATMs in Drake Bay. The last place to exchange currency is at San Jose International Airport, unless you are coming from another part of the country, then stopping at a national bank’s ATM is advised. US Dollars and Costa Rican Colones are accepted everywhere.

TRAVEL TIP # 4 : Pack light with things that dry quickly as you will likely be doing outdoor activities and keep in mind, this is a humid, tropical climate here in Drake bay! Beachwear, swimwear, hiking wear, hiking boots and / or light tennis shoes and water sandals are among our guests’ key packed vacation items. Look over our eco adventure tours and activities and plan your wardrobe and packing list accordingly.

TRAVEL TIP # 5 : Don’t forget your bug spray and sunscreen! Although there is a small convenience store in town in case you forgot something, or need to refill your supply, toiletries tend to be cheaper in the US.

We are Tranquilo Lodge, an oceanfront Drake Bay hotel with luxury accommodations, ocean view deluxe cabinas, infinity pool and all-inclusive dining all located in the jungle of Drake Bay, Costa Rica. Ready for pure adventure? Visit www.thetranquilolodge.com to book your reservation today! Still have questions? Contact us, we are here to help!


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This is a magical place. We were travelling with two kids and had slight concerns with how remote this place is but it ended up being the absolute highlight of the entire trip. Even getting to Drake Bay is an adventure, but once there we were blown away by the beauty of the place and friendliness of the staff.

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